Testing A New Drawing Tablet

Hi, and thank you for visiting us here at www.thebestdrawingtablet.com

The Best Drawing Tablet 

We are in the process of testing the new editor provided to us by WordPress and the new Gutenberg editor. This new editor still has a few bugs in it, and we are trying to fix them, get use to them and otherwise find workarounds for each individual bug that we encounter. From this point forward, we are going to use the new editor and start creating new content for our visitors to engage with. 
We have always tried to make your visits a priority. we have found that the people who come here need to be able to find exactly what they are looking for, as quickly as humanly possible. Here at The Best Drawing Tablet. It’s important to make You, The reader as comfortable as we can.

I am trying to find out what I have to do to get this text to wrap around the image at the left. It’s proving to be a bit on the difficult side.

Ta Daaaa 🙂 I figured it out!! Oh Happy days 🙂 Life is GOOD

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